Inspired Redesigns... Creating Special Places Called Home

Hire a reliable remodeliing service in Gadsden, AL and all surrounding areas

Our idea of a redesign for building and renovating is simple. We understand the creative elements that make the interior and exterior of a home special and unique. We believe all designs must be cost-efficient and built to high-quality standards.

We have two ways of approaching a design-build project depending on the size and complexity.

1. We provide design consultation and construction on whole-house renovations, room additions, kitchen and bath renovations, porches, garages, and outdoor spaces. This innovative service includes having the contractor and designers on the same team. We help keep you from having plans that are not buildable or too expensive from the beginning. We work with your sketches and imagery and create plans with our resources for a service fee, or work with a designer of your choice to accomplish your outcome and goals. We have the capacity and resources to develop floor plans, exterior plans, interior designs, landscape designs, and 3D modeling.

2. If your project is more complex or larger, we will work with an architect or engineer to help develop the plan and create a budget. We maintain working relationships with a range of architects and designers to assist our clients in identifying and interviewing to accomplish their vision.

Design Benefits

Design Benefits

  • More design freedom and control over the specifications
  • Simplified process for design and construction
  • Eliminate delays caused by design errors or plan interruptions
  • Minimal change orders or up charges due to incomplete specifications and plans
  • Potential savings with the builder using a design eye toward construction costs

Renovation Process

Our goal is to have a large portion of the decision making behind us before signing the contract so that when we begin work, you can enjoy watching your project come to life. Our mission is to provide cost-effective high-quality homes while maintaining an enjoyable customer experience throughout the process.

  • Initial Site Visit and Consultation
  • Interactive Plan Development
  • Material Specifications and Selection
  • Cost Estimation
  • Interior Design and Selections
  • Daily Construction Oversight

Construction Work

At Restoration-Pro, we love the challenge of taking something old and giving it new life. Our process, when followed, will assure you an exciting experience when watching your home transform from the beginning to the finishing touches.

Stage 1: First Meeting. During this stage, we will discuss your rebuilding and renovation needs; create a budget; and review the potential renovation, addition, or storm damage repairs.

Stage 2: Develop Specifications and Plans. This is when we will work with you and a designer. If we create a plan, or if you utilize our design services, a fee will be required.

Stage 3: We will present you a cost estimate based on the specifications and plans, which may be modified as the job progresses. When you decide to commit to your project, we will sign an agreement to perform the work. An initial deposit is required at signing.

Stage 4: Sales Agreement. Based on your specifications, we will present an agreement for us to renovate your home, which may be modified as the job progresses. An initial deposit will be required at signing.

Stage 5: Pre-construction. When you finalize design selections, we will pre-order the primary materials to get started and order special items, such as lumber, cabinets, appliances, etc. You will receive a tentative construction schedule to keep you up-to-date and involved in the process.

Stage 6: Demolition. Once the necessary materials are ordered and all selection decisions necessary at this phase are finalized, we begin demolition.

Stage 7 to Completion: Depending on the size and type of your rebuilding and renovation the steps may vary and require a variety of skillsets.