We begin the process meeting with you to receive your valuable input, assess your needs, to determine what steps to take. If you contact us immediately, we help you describe the nature of your loss to your insurance company on the phone when reporting the incident. Your carrier will assign a claim number that we'll use throughout the repair and restoration process.

Restoration-Pro manages all aspects of the insurance repair and reconstruction process. We deal with the complexity of estimation, construction planning, and supervision after a loss occurs.

As an experienced Insured and Licensed Contractor, we have strong relationships with design professionals and a network of skilled trade contractors. We have the resources to offer these services:

Emergency Service

When a loss occurs, and you contact Restoration-Pro, we will provide necessary services or determine if you need additional pre-construction emergency service dealing with drying and removal of wet materials, boarding up and roof tarping. This process is known as pre-construction mitigation. Once this process is complete, we are ready to begin the repairs and reconstruction work. If necessary, we may contact an emergency service company to perform drying and cleanup necessary in getting your home contractor ready for Restoration-Pro to begin rebuilding and restoration.

Work Authorization

Before starting your restoration project, you will sign a repair agreement. This contract allows us to proceed with your work. You are ultimately financially responsible for the work and services we perform based upon your insurance coverage. Normally a homeowner is only financially responsible for the policy deductible. When you request work outside of the insurance repairs listed on the adjustor's estimate, you are responsible for the total dollar amount. We submit additional or concealed work related to the loss as a supplement to your insurance company for payment approval.

Change Orders

During the process of restoration, you may decide to have additional work performed outside of the insurance repair. This work may include upgrading cabinets or appliances, adding or removing a wall or doorway, or replacing carpet with hardwood. In these examples, a Change Order is prepared with the details and associated cost. The additional work requires a deposit.

Our Insurance

Restoration-Pro is insured with general liability and worker's compensation insurance. A copy of the insurance documents will be provided on request.

Pre-loss or Pre-existing Conditions

While restoring your home, we may encounter existing or hidden damage. In some instances, these items may be replaced or repaired as part of the designated repairs of the property loss. If this occurs, we prepare an insurance supplement and submit the estimate with dimensions, description of the loss and photography to your claim adjuster. Sometimes in other situations, additional work may be required at your expense. A Change Order prepared will include the details of work and deposit required. Occasionally there may be needed upgrades to make the structure comply with current building codes. Some Owner insurance policies include code upgrades. If your coverage does not provide for upgrades, you may be responsible for the associated costs.

Insurance Deductible

We describe the deductible as the amount of the property owner's responsibility subtracted from the payout on the insurance claim. The insurance field adjuster creates the estimate using their pricing structure and software. Our process involves reviewing the insurance estimate for any possible items missing from the adjustor's estimate. Therefore, the structure of your estimate and deductible is created by the adjuster. In some instances, the insurance company or adjuster will instruct the homeowner to engage its' contractor to prepare the estimate. In this situation Restoration-Pro will provide the estimate for your insurance company for approval.

Insurance Depreciation

When an insurance company pays a claim, it is paid as Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Replacement Cost Value (RCV). The differences between the two are its current day value before damage and the actual cost to repair or replace an item back to its original condition. Depreciation measures the difference between the two payments. On a Replacement Cost Policy, the depreciation is recoverable and paid out by the insurance company when the work is substantially completed. With an Actual Cash Value policy, the amount of use or age that has been provided is deducted from the replacement cost and the homeowner may be required to pay Restoration-Pro the difference between ACV and RCV.

Insurance Consulting and Claim Handling

The insurance repair and restoration processes are different than regular contracting. It may be confusing when determining the types of damages and services covered under an Owner's policy.

Your insurance company will send a professional adjuster to represent their interest when assessing the damage to your property. We meet with you and your adjuster on the initial contact, which is important. We are experienced at looking over insurance estimates and will assist with your claim. We believe your insurance company should make sure all items related to your loss are included. Making sure your claim is covered and the amount paid is fair, is one of our strengths. From the beginning, we make sure the work that needs to be covered, is included.

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