Each type of storm brings with it a set of risks and dangers that could potentially damage your home and property. Tree limbs can shatter windows and destroy belongings, rainwater can cause electrical problems and damage appliances, and blizzards can cause pipes to burst. The potential problems left behind after a storm need fast attention to minimize the damage and risks to the property. That’s why Restoration-Pro is around.

Our dedicated team of restoration experts understands what has to be done after a storm. We bring the tools, expertise, and dedication to your Gadsden home to remedy the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. We want to get you back into the home as fast as possible while minimizing losses and the emotional strains storm damage can cause.

Storm Damage Cleanup in Gadsden, AL

Storm clean-up is difficult. Not only does the CDC recommend a slew of special cleaning items to protect yourself against potential infections and diseases (such as safety goggles and gloves) the excessive damage often requires a level of cleaning expertise offered only to a select few. Failing to properly clean up after a storm can worsen the damages and headaches.

Rather than take these risks, call Restoration-Pro for help.

We strive to restore homes to pre-storm conditions as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are the experts you can count on in your time of need.

When you call us, we listen to your concerns and needs, then spring into action.

First, we’ll come to your home to complete an inspection that allows us to assess the damage and customize a plan of restoration tailored to your specific needs. If you want to file an insurance claim on the work, we can handle this need for you as well. Our goal is to make life as simple as possible after this devastating event.

We come to the job ready to work, equipped with all of the tools necessary to revive your home to a pre-storm state.

storm damage

Our experts strive to minimize damages and salvage as many of the items in your home as possible. We also help stop the risk of mold growth and odors. Expect fewer headaches and problems once Restoration-Pro comes to your home to provide storm damage restoration.

Whether you have minor damage or a big problem on your hands, rest assured we’ll take care of the clean-up and restoration with care and pride.  We offer all the services you may need after a storm, including roof tarping, renovation and complete restoration, flood and water cleanup, board-up services, and more.

Experienced Restoration Pros

Our storm damage restoration service includes:

  • Inspect the home to assess damages
  • Thorough removal of water
  • Restoration of appliances and damaged items
  • Survey the home for downed power lines and trees
  • Assess damage to outdoor structures like garages and sheds
  • Tarp the roof and/or board up the home
  • Decontaminate the home
  • Neutralize and deodorize the property

We bring more than 20-years of experience to the job and handle all the insurance paperwork. Insurance claims in and of themselves can complicate the entire storm damage restoration process. Restoration-Pro takes care of those headaches, so there’s one less worry on your mind. We’re based in Gadsden, where we serve the community and its surrounding areas, including Attala, Glencoe, Hokes Bluff, Rainbow City, Reece City, and Southside.

storm damage

Our years of experience and dedication allow us to guide you through the restoration process with ease.

Storm Damage Restoration Done Right

Calling Restoration-Pro as soon as possible after storm damage ensures you get quality restoration work done right, the first time we come to your home. Some companies never seem to get it right and never satisfy the needs of the customer. That worry is gone when you trust us for storm damage restoration.  We pride ourselves on delivering quality work customized to the needs of each customer.

We understand the challenges storms leave behind and strive to help ease some of the worries you feel. Request your free no-obligation estimate today and get back to your home with our storm damage restoration service.